Tillett P1 Rib Protector Child & Men

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The current P1 model affords drivers the highest level of rib protection, without reducing the feel from the chassis or disturbing the proportions of the race seat. They are the thinnest available on the market, which means that your required kart seat size is unaffected by the addition of the protection. Inside the product, carefully shaped highly technical composite panels spread the load perfectly over the whole ribcage and always retain their shape even on a hot day.

The outer suede surface does not damage expensive race suits and the internal anti shock foam contributes to an ultra high level of load spreading over the whole ribcage.

An adjustable chest angle means that the P1 can adapt to straight and V shaped torsos. A new more secure front fixing strap has double elasticated sections, which helps the driver breath whilst retaining exactly the right tension to protect the ribs. The P1 has a comprehensive 7 model size range, to suit the smallest bambino up to the largest adult driver, with a special ladies’ version also available. There is also a choice of colours: red, blue, black, orange and green and it comes complete with a support harness. 

P1 Size Options
Please note when sizing that it can be tempting for a parent to buy a size for a child to grow into. Alternatively, you could mistakenly select a size where the halves touch at the front. This is a mistake. A rib protector must not be too big. If in doubt go for the smaller size and use the width adjustment at the rear under the rear joining panel. Like a crash helmet. If it's too big it will not support correctly. The front Velcro strap will be hard to do up tight if the protector is too big.

P1 Sizes:

MINI 19” - 22” 48 - 56 cm
C 22” - 26” 56 - 66 cm
XS 26” - 32” 66 - 81 cm
S 32” - 36.5” 81 - 93cm
M 36.5” - 40” 93 - 102 cm
L 40” - 44” 102 - 112cm
XL 44” - 48” 112 - 122cm